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The Ghana- USA concert flopped because of Greed on the part of Organizers and Artists billed – Hassan Kapinta

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After the disgraceful flop of the Ghana – USA concert, an entertainment critic(Amadu Hassan) had this to say “In a regular entertainment review program ( the ridge countdown show ) on ridge FM based in Tamale.
It is chagrin to realize that the very gods of industry care not for their people.

On 28 July 2018, Tamale witnessed one of the most embarrassing shows in the history of showbiz in Tamale. One would passionately ask what could be the fire for this smoke. A list of factors could be presented as reasons for this unfortunate outcome of Tamale-USA concert at the “ALU MO’AMA”( in the voice of Patapezy) ranging from Rain, poor organization among others, however, the bottom line is that the show in Toto was a flop.

The bizarre outcome of this program was a clear insult to the various brands these artists on the bill represented and the entertainment industry of Tamale as a whole this has a tendency of depriving them better opportunities not just in the region but at the national front. Let’s ask ourselves how many of the said artists promoted the program? Assuming without admitting that they did, how did they do it? Are we growing our industry at all? Any artist who feels OK after a show he has been billed to perform either for free or not must rethink, for they are not just killing their brand and careers but destroying the integrity of the northern brand in showbiz. A couple of years back Tamale was noted as one of the lucrative cities for entertainment programs but unfortunately, this history is gradually and will soon be rewritten if care is not taken.
HassanAs an artist, if you don’t concur to the agreement of any event organizer, why allow your name or brand to be in a promo for you are “bidding a quick farewell” to your career.
Your actions and inactions as an artist define how people will recognize you now and in the future. So if you are fond of being part of flop shows and you feel is cool just because you aren’t part of the organization then my brother you need to restudy your profession. Flop shows in a long run affect an artist more than an organizer, so you’ve got to be concerned when things go wrong. This event was a huge platform for all the artists on the bill but they messed that up big time. The greed of the organizers of this event cost not just the billed artist their integrity but that of Tamale’s future opportunities. Perhaps they aren’t at any lost because they got paid, but I believed they would have been paid better not far in the future with an unblemished reputation. For this, they shouldn’t be proud for whatsoever reason but rather bow their heads down in shame.
Let’s help build our industry”
SOURCE: Team Ridge Countdown

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